hearin her voice 2day gave me a lil strength 2 n stress taken off me her voice made me feelsum type of way….n made my heart cry out more 4 her….jst hearin her soft voice made my day n having slight convo wit her is making me happy jst hope it can stay like dis…kuz I miss her alot n I love her wit all my heart….ily k.b

im sorry my phone dies jst turnd it on m yu no I only get wii fii wen im home n im sorry n im always thinkin bout yu n yu dont have 2 worry bout wat im doin im not wit mo other bitch or fckn no bitch n awww how is mi mi doin n I do wanna make it wrk wit yu im tryin2 so everythin n me 2 get yu back n I cudnt meet yu kuz I was wasted alrdy n its not pointless tryna make it wrk Ily n all I want is yu I mean I wud tlk 2 yu threw txt or call but I dont want yu 2 get me in trouble imy so fckn much its not even funny I look at ya pixz everyday jst so I cud hve a image of yu n da baxk of my head….im sorry im tryna b here 4 yu its jst hard kuz I dont wqnna get volatied or another charge but idgaf ily n ill do anythin fck wat the court says yu cant stop true love frm.being 2 gether no matter wat but ily wit all my heart n ty kindly 4 all the bday love I felt specail wen yu wished me hbd ty alot….ily so fckn much

its not w.e I really wanna see yu dont act like dat badunkadoodle….dont b mad at me….i didnt plan on 4 laci 2 b here or my parents 2 b gone

well no 1 home 2 watch laci n her mom dont get off til 5 n i have court at 4….so idk wat 2 do…n I do wanna see yu…..n my bday so far is the worst bday I ever had nothin goin my way laci spilled chocoalte milk on my white pants n all my bday $$ gotta go 2 yu n im not n a bday mood 2day

sorry jst seen your post it was okay um all we did was smoke and chill and have fun but today him n crysta buyn me a bottle n liten up my blunts but idk if I can cum cuz laci is her til I go 2 court…i really wanna see yu tho….

so I jst got n….the 1st thing I do is check here n I see the nicest thing ever….wit da hbd thing wit da kiss I loved dat….n awww ty 4 da bday it makes me feel specail n I def do hope I get 2 see yu I love yu ty 4 not 4gettin my bday….n yea im gettin old lol..but once again ty….love always ya cinna-bunn

ok i guess well jst tlk here….n ok ill bring it i have court 2 at 4 n pk 2morrow so ill let yu no…n ill bring a L ok im bout 2 leave n go wit paso n crysta they doin sumthin 4 me 4 my bday ok…i love yu n enjoy ya day…..i only get wii fii at home ill hyu wen i get back

i really do tho 3

i really do tho 3

im sorry i cudnt find my phonee til 2day….n yea i went 2 our spot i had 2 go to my sister house 4 sumthin….all i cud do is listen 2 r songz smoke 3 blunts n it was so hard kuz yu was the only 1 on my mind…n yea i wud love 2 seee yu on my bday but ima see if i can get the car kuz my dad b buggin sumtimes….but i do wanna see yu….n wat time yu called i wud have loved 2 hear ya voice….n i called da hut yesterday 2 but shellz pickd up….so i hung up was hoping yu pickd up but yu didnt but my cell will b on the 7th so inbox me on fb or w.e n ill give yu my #….imy so fckn much im goin insane wit out yu but i can def wait 4 yu kuz yu still have my heart….